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The new game-centered restaurant in Ardmore, pa- twenty one pips (video included)

Check out my Pinterest post below about Ardmore, PA's newest game-themed restaurant, Twenty One Pips.

Let me start by saying that this restaurant is worth a visit for a cute family night. My quick review of this restaurant is that I loved the game concept and the food was good, it just needed some more vibes. See my pros and cons below:


  • Great Concept! Who doesn't love games? And they have a couple of different ways for you to play. You have the option (for a small fee) to have board games at your table. A game curator brings games and also makes suggestions for the table. You also have the option to play arcade games such as skeeball around the restaurant.

  • The food and quality were good. We ordered flatbread, a beyond burger, steak, mussels, a charcuterie board, and a few drinks. The flavors were simple and to the point.

  • The location is great. When a say great I mean that it is located in a safe area and easy to find. There is also metered street parking as well as a metered parking lot adjacent to the restaurant.

  • Speaking of location, the building itself has great potential for instagram-able moments. It's a two-floor loft space that is easy to move through.


  • More vibes needed. As mentioned above, the restaurant concept is great and gives you an overall good experience, but for a Friday night I expected to be engulfed in an experience. The music was too low, meaning someone had to tell me there was music after I asked, "Where's the music??".

  • For a Friday night (and definitely for opening night), an incentivized group game like bingo would have been cute to set the vibe for the gaming space.

  • Although the food tasted good, the menu and presentation of the food and drinks could have been more... fun. The drinks had no garnishes and presented in plain glasses. The food was just simply plated. In a game-themed restaurant, with a bar, I expected a mature whimsical vibe .

  • This is a small note, because the loft space is open, airy, and comfortable. I would just like to see stronger photo worthy moments. Maybe oversized game-themed art pieces, more greenery, or maybe interactive game walls through out the space.

With all that said, I enjoyed my experience at Twenty One Pips. Without any updates to the vibe, I would go back for a cute family date as opposed to a lit instagrammable girls night. But that's just me- Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!

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