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Our Work

We take pride in curating an extensive range of projects, from immersive and vibrant experiences to creating unforgettable and meticulously designed spaces. Our commitment to excellence shines through in each endeavor we undertake.



Holiday Vibe curated by High Tea & Happy Hour

Litmas- our cozy holiday family photo party featuring brunch, chicken waffles, and mimosas! It was a laid-back celebration filled with good vibes and cherished memories.

Grown & Spooky Vibes

Grown & Spooky Vibes

Halloween Vibe curated by High Tea & Happy Hour

Grown & Spooky Vibes – a Halloween soirée that blended vintage elegance with eerie delights. Our delectable bites table, adorned with sensual aesthetics, paired perfectly with spooky drinks, while our DJ and host kept the vibes flowing. The mesmerizing video loop backdrop added to the mystique, creating a chill atmosphere that is almost like partying in an abandoned mansion...

Family Field Day

Family Field Day

The Reese, Nay, & Lei Brand

A day filled with trendy games, delicious BBQ flavors, and vibrant vibes. Families came together to enjoy a blend of classic and modern activities, creating cherished memories for both adults and kids.

Tacos & Maifestations

 Tacos & Manifestations

Dinner Party sponsored by Rosa Mexicano

Reflective Happy Hour Celebrating Tacos, a past event sponsored by Rosa Mexicano and expertly curated by High Tea & Happy Hour.

Happy Hours & Pairngs

Happy Hours & Pairings

Pairings & Boards curated by High Tea & Happy Hour

Carefully crafted mini menus and pairings designed to enhance the experience. Each board, radiating a unique ambiance, was thoughtfully prepared and styled by High Tea & Happy Hour.