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The Best Retailers for Christmas Decor Vibes

The holiday season is definitely upon us and at the midpoint of November, decorating is way too early for some and too late for others. The debate of does Christmas season begin as soon as Halloween ends continues.

I jumped into the holiday spirit a little early this year. It's not because I thought that decorating midway through November was wrong, I just can be a last-minute person (lol). A goal of mine this year is to be more intentional about curating happiness. But! Who knew that decorating session would spark this much joy.

Simultaneously as I am getting the holiday itch, like the marketing wizards they are, my favorite retailers filled my inbox with holiday reminders and more importantly coupons! Successful marketing yes, but I took it as a confirmation to grab decor immediately and throw it up.... and I did. I'm officially a Christmas tree up in November type of gal and I love it here!

No matter where you fall with Christmas shopping timing, having Holiday décor go tos is essential for setting your perfect vibe. Check out this list of stores and online retailers who are doing justice by the holiday season!

The Best Christmas Decor Shops for Vibes!

Lux Scale: $$

Michaels came out the gate strong with their Christmas tree sale where most of the trees and Christmas décor were 40 and 50% off! I paid $169 for a pre-lit flocked artificial tree that was originally $335 and it is beautiful. In addition to the tree steal, I grabbed some tree ribbon, festive candles, signage, a black Santa, and materials to DIY a wreath & centerpiece.

Lux Scale: $-$$$

Target simply gets it right every year and for every occasion. This Holiday shop giant has all of your celebration essentials from trees to dinner fixings. Target wows every time with their Christmas accessories that range in price from budget-friendly to soft lux. Look at how I mixed and matched their budget-friendly accessories and their soft lux pieces together! I also grabbed my bomb tree star and some ornaments from here!

Lux Scale $$-$$$$

CB2 is a modern glam treasure! The whole vibe is an experience and just makes you feel elevated shopping with them if that makes sense. Most designers (and designers at heart) are aware of the high-quality offerings CB2 carries and when it comes to holiday décor, they are top tier! I have a few things I’m about to push send on in my cart! Check them out below!

Lux Scale $$-$$$$

If Target and West Elm were under the same company, they would be the Gap and the Banana Republic of the company. West Elm is definitely the elevated, more focused Target (lol). When I say I’m about to get some statement décor pieces I mean from here. The crisp, quality look is worth the money. See the pieces I ordered recently to make a statement in my space. I can’t wait until they get here!

Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods

Lux Scale:$-$$

I grouped these retailers together because… well yall know why right?! (IYKYK)

I enjoy shopping at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods because of the price of course (they are discount stores), but because I always leave with something unique feeling! These stores are perfect for someone like me who loves placing select pieces together to create eclectic Christmas scenes. I grabbed ornaments, a tree skirt, and a wood centerpiece elevator!


Lux Scale:$-$$

You will find some of the most unique pieces to complete your Christmas décor by thrifting. Grab a vintage teacup set to complete a Christmas brunch table or classic figurines to fill the gaps in a Christmas scene. You have to have patience and a little vision to navigate the thrift stores so prep yourself with an idea list f things you are looking for.

Lux Scale:$$-$$$$

The best place to get Nordstroms mature but cute holiday décor selection is on their website. The selection is much better their! Their holiday hosting collection is a high-maintenance host dream! Its quality, its luxury, its aesthetics… it’s everything! And guess what?! They carry the black-owned Estelle Colored Glassware and you know I threw it in my online cart right?! Take a look at them!

What are your favorite Christmas Decor Shops? Tell me below in the comments!


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