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Fall Decor & Scent Ottoman (video & Pics)

Spreading Fall is essentially spreading the warmth and that also means scents. Since I had to replace my coffee table (because a couple of someones put it together wrong and it collapsed 🙃), I decided to go with a focal point that is comfy and warm.

I RAN to HomeSense to put together the vibe I was feeling. I knew a few things about the vibe I was trying to curate:

  • It had to be functional...

  • It had to add scents to the space

  • and it of course had to be cute!

I had already seen the pouf I had my heart set on a couple of times but promised myself that I wouldn't grab it until I had a solid plan for it (yes I am a Capricorn). Well, time was of the essence because when I returned to put this little cute vibe together, it was half off! A win!

So what did I decide to throw on it?

  • a Mirrored, Gold Tray...

  • Potpourri in a closed jar (pet friendly)...

  • a Vogue table book...

  • Gold Coasters...

  • a Decorative Heart Chain because cute...

  • and two Room Sprays (Pumpkin Spice by Sand & Fog and Maple Hazelnut from dw Home)

See how it turned out in the video below and catch the pics!

Watch this video for vibes...

the fall decor & scent ottoman

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