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A pop of botanicals wallpaper installation (video included)

Catch the installation video at the end of this post!

Anytime a client stresses wanting peace and calm in a space, my first question is how many botanicals and green design elements can I get them to say yes to. For my client's nursery, using this green and white wallpaper from Target not only covered her peaceful request but also was strategically selected for its developmental effects on her baby.

Design Concept

Through the With Vibes, Design & Foodie Curation Services intake form, we start to gather concepts and adjectives our client is seeking to manifest in their space(s). From there the research begins to create a narrative and color story for the project. For our client's nursery, she emphasized calm, and peace, with a touch of luxury. Also to be considered in this project is that her large furniture (grey) was gifted so the color story would have to be created around those pieces.

Based on how important peace and calm were, my mind went immediately to green. Seriously and it's not just because it's one of my favorite colors. Green is the color palette GOAT when it comes to creating a sense of calm in a space simply because of its naturalistic feel. It also has developmental perks for babies as it reduces anxiety and promotes concentration. That led me to plan for the ceiling to be a calming green (imagine the baby laying on their back concentrated and calm), but also a bold green and white patterned wallpaper.

The contrasting pattern on the wallpaper was a strategy as well. Starting out and for a few months, babies best identify objects and spaces with contrasting colors and shapes. By choosing this wallpaper with contrasting colors and a print large enough to distinguish shapes and objects research shows that we are creating an environment for concentration and healthy brain development.

Lastly, this wallpaper was selected for its adaptability as it is removable. Planning in adaptable concepts and design features puts the power back in the client's hands to grow with the space. Clients love this! It is best to plan adaptable things into a nursery, even if perfectly planned because life just changes, things get dirty, and parents (and kids) want and need to be able to adapt. Whenever this client is ready, they can just peel the wallpaper off the wall with minimal to zero damage to their wall.

The Simple Process

This simple process took me a little over 1 hour and a half. The actual task of putting up the wallpaper doesn't take a ton of skill depending on the pattern and wallpaper you select. The tricky part comes in with walls that don't evenly meet the ceiling or adjacent walls. In that case, you have to do some slanting and crafty cutting to make sure that your pattern is straight vertically. But even with uneven circumstances, it's still doable with patience and these tools & tips below:

Tools needed:


  • Align wallpaper with ceiling and side walls to get the pattern to be straight

  • Always match the pattern from panel to panel

  • Use a putty knife to smooth the wallpaper down the wall

  • Use a utility knife to cut along ceiling and baseboards

  • Gently remove wallpaper from the wall to make adjustments

  • Use an air dryer while gently adjusting wallpaper to remove air bubbles.

  • Remove switch and outlet covers before installing wallpaper, cut around the opening, and then replace once complete

Target Botanical Wallpaper Installation Video (Follow the brand on Pinterest!-

This wallpaper has the perfect vibe for this calming and peaceful nursery design! Get subscribed and stay tuned to see the final design!

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