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a Coquito latte

So flashback to Friendsgiving... I put out some feelers for a bottle of fresh batch Coquito to have at my Lux PJ Friendsgiving. I got this contact from my girlfriend, put in the order, and felt complete. Well the day came and when I was inquiring about a meet-up spot, she dropped a link to an address in Maryland, but I am in Philly (sigh!). I immediately reached out to my girlfriend who said she was experimenting with Coquito and asked her to bring a bottle. Crisis adverted, right?! Wrong! The original Coquito girl got back to me and said the link was a mistake and she was actually in Philly....

Flash forward to the party, I put out my girlfriend's Coquito to serve and saved the other. The next day, I went into Starbucks and saw the holiday Egg Nog Latte and thought, yup! So here we are...

the process...

I've never actually made a latte at home. It's not because I thought it was difficult, I just never did. I immersed myself in Youtube videos to understand the components and how people were throwing it all together. One video by Patrick Meyer called, "How To Make A Starbucks Eggnog Latte At Home" had me so entertained but quickly and easily informed. His simple process was:

  1. Brew the espresso with a touch of brown sugar

  2. Mix the eggnog and milk together

  3. Pour and mix your espresso into the eggnog and milk mixture

  4. Pour over ice (for iced latte)

Literally the simplest process for some major vibes!

the Ingredients,,,

The consensus for the eggnog latte ingredients was four parts: eggnog, milk, espresso, and seasoning. To make the Coquito Latte drink, I followed the same parts. The versatile thing about these lattes is you can customize them to you vibe by choosing your favorite milk type, seasoning, and alcoholic vs. virgin! Here are the vibes I went with:

  1. A Fresh Batch of Coquito

  2. Espresso

  3. Oat Milk

  4. A seasoning Pack my Coquito connect provided

Small details,,,

This dope Coquito Latte is incredibly easy. Customize it to your vibe and keep these things in mind:

  1. This latte is great served cold & warm!

  2. Patrick Meyer suggests you brew your espresso with brown sugar for a flavor booster!

  3. Serving them with cinnamon sticks is a vibe!

  4. Almond, Soy, Coconut, and Oat milk are all great for this latte!

  5. If you don't have a coffee machine or an espresso maker, get instant espresso and brew it in hot water.

  6. The seasoning should fit your vibe! Maybe it's just nutmeg or nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown sugar... make it pop!

a coquito Latte…

Makes 13 oz.


6 oz. Coquito

3 oz. Oat Milk

4 oz. Brewed Espresso

Optional Seasoning Garnish:

Equal Parts Nutmeg, Cinnamon, & Brown Sugar

Coconut Flakes


  • Mix the Coquito, Oat Milk, and Brewed Espresso together...

  • Garnish with 2 tsp of the Seasoning Garnish...

  • Serve warm or pour over ice and serve cold!

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