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Memorable Moments & Spaces

Every space is steeped in memory and infused with the finest vibes.


About Us.

High Tea & Happy Hour isn't just a name—it's a philosophy. Born from the innovative spirit of Janay Williams, our company captures the essence of fleeting moments and transforms them into lasting memories. With a deep-rooted passion for interior design, Janay weaves her expertise into every experience, crafting spaces that don't just host occasions but become part of the story.

At High Tea & Happy Hour, we take pride in curating our own signature invite-only experiences, meticulously designing every detail to ensure unforgettable experiences & memorable spaces. But our magic doesn't stop there. We also collaborate with visionaries, fusing our creativity with theirs, to turn dreams into reality. So, whether it's our imagination or a shared vision, every space becomes an everlasting memory. Welcome to the art of capturing the moment. Welcome to High Tea & Happy Hour.

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