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Where to go for valentine's weekend in Philly

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Let's clear up something really quickly... this list is not just for the love birds! If you want to hit the streets with the gang or fly solo these restaurants will be sure to give you vibes!

What I look for in a restaurant...

Aside from the basics like feeling safe, friendly & knowledgeable, etc., anytime, I visit a restaurant, I am mentally checking off these points: Views, Entertainment, Offers Brunch, Photo Opportunities, Good Drinks, and is it giving luxe?!


Views are hard to come by in Philadelphia so when I catch a restaurant serving them up I have to check it out! The views you will most often experience in Philly are top floor/rooftop and waterfront views, with the exception of a few locations such as Lacroix at Rittenhouse which has a view to a beautiful courtyard.


Restaurants with great entertainment, great food, and great drinks are gems that need to be cherished! They are really a one-stop-shop. The great thing about Philadelphia is that there is a great variety of entertainment venues that also serve food. The list below has places that will have you in your seat for a while.

Offers Brunch

Now I know you may be thinking, it could still be a good restaurant without offering brunch. And you are right. For me, I just love to see a great restaurant's spin on brunch. And for the restaurants listed below, the aesthetics make their brunch just a little more instagram-able.

Photo opportunities

Speaking of being instagram-able... What's better than having amazing food around top-tier aesthetics? I'll wait... All I am saying is being able to post you and your boo in a cozy booth or you and the gang against a popping background make the experience. Philadelphia DOES NOT fall short with offering luxury and uber-creative spaces to take pics in. More points when the restaurant cares about plating like the list below!

good drinks

Two things the restaurants below are going to give you are bomb drinks and a cute place to have them at! Did someone say photo opps and for some of these places views??? Philly has a very large bar scene offering pretty much any drink and scene you are looking for!

Extra Luxe

Philly's luxury food scene has been touched by some of the greatest chefs and restauranteurs around the world! If you don't mind paying your pretty pennies for a well-rounded luxury meal, hit the list below and have a great experience.

Restaurants & Bars FOR THE BEST Valentine's Vibes in Philly!

Grab your friends or your honey and catch these Valentine's Vibes!

With Views...

with entertainment...

with brunch...

with photo opportunities...

with drinks...

with extra luxe...

Try one or work your way through all of these places and you won't be disappointed. Just make sure you show up with good energy, an appetite, and the funds to tip well!

Do you have a place(s) to add to this list? Have you been to these places listed below and have the experience to share? Or just want to tell me what you think about the list? Talk to me in the comments!


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